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Santiago, Chile: Street Photographer’s Paradise

This is the third post of photos from my Street Photography Day in Santiago, Chile. Check out other posts here: Santiagueños – Santiago People and The Faces Of Santiago De Chile. Click on image to view full size.

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The Faces of Santiago de Chile

Local People are what really showcase a foreign land. When I travel I always look for the faces to capture in my photos. Parks and skylines can tell the stories too… But, nothing makes a place unique and special as the faces of people who live there. Here are The Beautiful Faces of Santiago de Chile. Also you may wish …

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Santiaguenos - Santiago People

I have visited Santiago, formally Santiago de Chile, during my recent trip to South America. A friend photographer Andrew (AndrewGraemeGould.com) was kind to host me for two nights and show the city’s photography “hot spots”. The experience was amazing! After this visit I am going to call Santiago as “Street Photographer’s Paradise”. Such beautiful and photocamera-friendly people live there. Nobody …

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