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Portraits of Strangers: Brasileiros and Cariocas

Portraits of Strangers: Brasileiros and Cariocas

In addition to a post containing photos of Selecao Fans (Brazilian football fans), today I publish a new set of street portrait photography taken on Capacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The local residents of Rio de Janeiro are referred to as Cariocas. Last month, during my ‘Dreaming of Rio’ trip, I met so many […]

Copacabana Beach Photo Chronicles

Copacabana Beach Photo Chronicles

This is my second post of street (beach) photography from the people-watching theater called Copacabana. A sparkling confluence of land and sea, the 4 kilometers long beach of Copacabana always has a flurry of activity stretching its length: excited kids playing in soapy waves, cariocas and tourists lining up for Brahma and caipirinhas at beach […]

The End of Brazil Mania. Thank you, Fans!

The End of Brazil Mania. Goodbye, World Cup. Thank you, Fans!

It’s incredible to see the passion, the focus and determination. Something supernatural happens. It’s wonderful to see a global event with so many people invested emotionally. It’s a beautiful thing to see people sharing and unity. We want unity and harmony in this beautiful game, and a lot of happiness. [Santana] The 20th FIFA World […]

Street and Beach Portraits of Football Fans

Street and Beach Portraits of Soccer Fans

It is a truly special experience to see football fans from all over the world joining together to celebrate world football’s most exciting event. I continue my ‘All In One Rhythm’ photo series and share more photos of football fans taken at Maracana stadium, FIFA Fan Fest, Copacabana Beach, and on the streets of Rio […]

All In One Rhythm: Fans of the World Cup Brazil

All In One Rhythm: Fans of the World Cup Brazil

Dedicated to the Fans of Football. The football fanatics from all over the world have come to Brazil to support their national teams and enjoy the 20th FIFA World Cup. Some of them are attending World Cup matches, some watching games on TV in sport bars and restaurants, and some visit FIFA Fan Fests. Rio’s […]

Brazilian Fans. The Team Neymar #10

Seleção Fans. The Team Neymar. Brazil #10

Good luck, Brazil! Today is the first match day of the 20th FIFA World Cup Quarter-finals and huge party time in Brazil. I can’t imagine how crazy FIFA Fan Fest Copacabana will be tonight. I was lucky to join the Copacabana beach crowd during a group-stage match of Seleção – Cameroon v Brazil (1:4) on […]

Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana Beach

Rio de Janeiro: Copacabana Beach

Copacabana is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil known for its world-famous bright sand beach and promenade lined with shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. The district got its name after the construction of a chapel holding a replica of the Virgen de Copacabana, the patron saint of Bolivia. Designed by Roberto Burle Marx, the […]

Maracana Stadium. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Belgium v Russia

Maracana Stadium: Belgian-Russian Carnival in Brazil

The Estádio do Maracanã (Maracanã Stadium) is the Cathedral of Futbol Religion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The stadium’s name is derived from the Maracanã River, whose point of origin is in the jungle covered hills to the west of the stadium. It was opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup, in which […]

2014 FIFA World Cup Mural. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

FIFA World Cup Brazil. Dreams Do Come True!

My earliest memory of FIFA World Cup is the first goal of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the West.Germany-Chile (4:1) game played during FIFA World Cup Spain on June 20, 1982. Thanks to Google, I was able to win a fight against childhood amnesia and found the details of that moment/memory on the Internet. I’m in love […]

Katherine Lee (Deltalina). Delta Airlines

Happy Birthday, Delta Air Lines! – Magazine Ads From 2010′s

Post Scriptum. I got an annoying feeling that ‘Delta Air Lines – The History In Magazine Advertising’ series, ended in May, is incomplete without the most recent ads. So the series is back for just one final post containing the most important history fact, summary of this series, and ads from a digital era. Complete! […]

Turner Field - The "Home of The Braves"

Turner Field – The “Home of The Braves”

The FIFA World Cup Brazil starts today. Congrats to all soccer/football fans around the globe! In this post, however, I publish a photo story about totally different sport and place that is not related to the game of soccer. Turner Field is a baseball park located in Atlanta, Georgia. It was originally built as Centennial […]

Top 10 Things-To-Do in Atlanta, Georgia

Top 10 Things-To-Do in Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve decided to add my two cents to the hundreds of Atlanta To-Do lists that can be found on the Internet. If you are a photographer who plans to travel to Atlanta, here are my Top 10 Things-To-Do in Atlanta, Georgia from local photographer’s point of view. Note, the first six attractions are located in […]

On My Shelves. Brinback-Combo from Cuba, USA and England

On My Shelves. My Travel Bring-Back Collection. Season 7

On My Shelves is back. I continue my “Instagram project”, where I take photos of my travel bring-backs and photo & nostalgia collectibles using a phone camera. This is the seventh set of pictures. Click here to read about the project in its “pilot episode” or click here to check out the entire series. To […]

Angel with the Garment and Dice

The Angels on The Ponte Sant’Angelo

Ponte Sant’Angelo, once the Aelian Bridge or Pons Aelius, meaning the Bridge of Hadrian, is a bridge in Rome, Italy, completed in 134 AD by Roman Emperor Hadrian, to span the Tiber, from the city center to his newly constructed mausoleum. In the seventh century, both the castle and the bridge took on the name […]