Today is the 131st day of waiting for my Nikon D800 camera pre-ordered online at This morning I received Adorama’s (seems becoming weekly) “We’re sorry for the wait” email and decided to do some research on the shipment of Nikon D800 orders from three big suppliers Adorama, B&H, and Amazon.

According to the information posted by other buyers on and message boards, Amazon ships its orders faster or had less orders in the first days after the announcement of Nikon D800 camera. Adorama and B&H, however, are still shipping out the orders placed on the very first day.

As reported by other buyers, the latest order dates for delivered Nikon D800 cameras are:

Amazon: 2012-03-23 12AM EST
Adorama: 2012-02-07 10PM EST
B&H: 2012-02-07 11AM EST

If you have already received your Nikon D800, Congratulations! Please share the following info in a comment below – Supplier: , Order Date and Time: , Received Date: . Thank you for your cooperation!

Adorama's We Are Sorry For The Wait Of Nikon D800 email

Adorama’s We Are Sorry For The Wait Of Nikon D800 email

Updated October 15, 2012
This week I received a few email-notices from suppliers. They have notified me that D800 became available for purchase and is currently in stock. It took eight+ months for Nikon D800 to become available for direct purchase. Unbelievable!