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Romans Made of Stone and Marble

Dedicated to you, my Friends, Readers, Subscribers, Followers and Visitors. Today is a remarkable day in the history of Memographer.com and my photography- the 1,000’th email subscriber has registered to receive the news updates from my Travel Photo Journal. I want to thank you all for your loyalty to my photography. I would never be able to put on a …

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Rome Italy and Vatican City

Rome, Italy is photographer’s paradise. The city owns millions of artsy objects- beautiful buildings, bridges, fountains, statues… While looking at my “Angels and Demons” Italian and Vatican trip photos, I found a captured memory of a little girl sitting by an open window across the street from the Pantheon. The capture has inspired me to post this photo essay. Click …

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St Peter's Basilica (Saint Peter Cathedral). Vatican City

As many of you know, the current Memographer.com is my seventh photo blog since 2007. We have moved a lot around the Web :) Thanks so much for following me! And sorry about the instability. I just couldn’t find a publishing platform which would serve my needs. I really hope to stick to WordPress for a while and keep the …

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