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A Portrait of the Old Quarter Street Peddler

It is hard to imagine Hanoi Old Quarter without street peddlers. A peddler, in British English a pedlar, also known as a canvasser, cheapjack, monger, higler or solicitor, is a travelling vendor of goods. Today’s post is dedicated to all charming and hardworking Vietnamese girls and women roaming the streets of Hanoi. By the way, I haven’t seen a male …

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A Street Vendor. Hanoi, Vietnam

The first stop on my Shocking Asia trip was the city of Ha Noi and its Old Quarter district. The oldest area of Vietnam, Hanoi’s Old Quarter has a history of 2,000 years and is the Soul of the city. The area is often called the “36 Old Streets”. The legend tells that many years ago there might have been …

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Dedicated to my father. Happy Birthday, Dad! As I have stated in the Shocking Asia opening post, my “Shocking Asia” trip was not meant to be shocking bizzare experience. However, I am being asked the same question “What was the most shocking experience on your Shocking Asia trip?”. So here is my list of Top 10 “Shocking Asia” experiences from …

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