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1940 Delta Airlines Douglas Wings Over Dixie Print Ad

Today’s ‘Delta Air Lines – The History In Magazine Advertising’ series post, dedicated to Delta’s 85th Anniversary, contains magazine print advertisements from the 1920s-1950s and the Delta Air Lines fleet history facts. The Delta Air Lines Fleet In 1924, The Huff-Daland Duster, nicknamed the “Puffer”, was the first agricultural airplane flown by crop-dusting division of Huff Daland Airplanes, Inc., called …

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Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is located on the Allegheny Plateau, where the confluence of the Allegheny River from the northeast and Monongahela River from the southeast form the Ohio River. The Downtown area between the rivers is known as the Golden Triangle, and the site at the actual convergence, which is occupied by Point State Park, is referred to simply as “the Point.” …

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