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One rainy day in Amsterdam, Holland

To be honest, I had big photography plans for the Venice of the North. However, with all my luck, the day of visit came out as the coldest day of the Summer 2011, offering very strong winds, heavy rain, and 9 degrees Celsius (48 F) temperature in July! It was a “lot of fun” to hold an umbrella in one …

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Three girls in a boat in Floating village on Tonle Sap Lake

Once again, welcome to the new Memographer.com, where I share my Captured Memories! Today I will re-post some photos from my trip to Cambodia, previously published in my old blog. The Tonlé Sap Lake (“Tonlé” meaning “Large Fresh Water River,” but more commonly translated as Great Lake) is a combined lake and river system of major importance to Cambodia. The …

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A book cover contains the images taken in Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Welcome to Memographer.com – a web-blog dedicated to my photo / memo projects. I start blogging here with the news- my third photo book of Nona Hora project has been published. It contains about 400 photographs from my recent trip to Cambodia, South Asia. The book is titled  “Tales of Asia: The Faces of Angkor”. Below is a front cover …

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