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Santiago, Chile: Street Photographer’s Paradise

This is the third post of photos from my Street Photography Day in Santiago, Chile. Check out other posts here: Santiagueños – Santiago People and The Faces Of Santiago De Chile. Click on image to view full size.

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The Faces of Santiago de Chile

Local People are what really showcase a foreign land. When I travel I always look for the faces to capture in my photos. Parks and skylines can tell the stories too… But, nothing makes a place unique and special as the faces of people who live there. Here are The Beautiful Faces of Santiago de Chile. Also you may wish …

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Santiaguenos - Santiago People

I visited Santiago, formally Santiago de Chile, during my recent trip to South America. A friend photographer Andrew (AndrewGraemeGould.com) was kind to host me for two nights and show the city’s photography “hot spots”. The experience was amazing! Santiago is the “Street Photographer’s Paradise”. Such beautiful and photocamera-friendly people live there. Nobody has ever complained about taking his/her photos. Even …

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