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My new friend Sumaiya. National Rail Museum, Delhi, India

Sumaiya is a very beautiful and very intelligent girl who wants to become an astronaut (!). We have met at the National Rail Museum in Delhi. She had stopped by and helped me understand how the steam engine works… Yes! We had become best friends right away. Furthermore, she had said she likes to model… I couldn’t resist and replied …

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Steam Train. National Rail Museum, Delhi, India

Three days in Delhi were fun! The weather? – 100°F (+38°C), 100% humidity… not so much! However, almost all items on my To-Do-Go List were crossed out. I have memo-photographed Rajpath, Imposing India Gate, Parliament House, Chandni Chowk and Main Markets, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial and National Gandhi Museum, National Zoological Park, National Rail Museum, and other sights, taken a bicycle …

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