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Paris in Instagram Squares

This is the second collection of the Instagram photo updates from my Paris Escape trip, containing pictures taken in Paris, France. The first set of photo updates can be found here – Saint Petersburg in Instagram Squares. Click on image to view full size. gmeanm3r

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Saint Petersburg in Instagram Squares

While being on the trip to Saint Petersburg, I was capturing and posting my photo updates via Instagram app. However, some “squares” have never been published. This post contains all taken Instagram pictures, including photos of Saint Petersburg’s cityscape views and masterpieces from the Russian Museum and Hermitage Museum. ***Just FYI, some interesting facts about the pictures of the artwork …

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On My Shelves. A Treasure Chest with Foreign Coins

Dedicated to all collectors and souvenir lovers. On My Shelves is my new photo project via Instagram smartphone app. I have a good number of shelves and cabinets in my office. Most of them are filled with the “good time reminders”- bring-backs from my travels. There is also stuff I have collected over the years,- the collection of vintage photo …

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