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El Floridita- La Cuna Del Daiquiri. Havana, Cuba

El Floridita, an historic restaurant and cocktail bar in Old Havana (La Habana Vieja) Cuba, is famous for having been one of the favorite hangouts of Ernest Hemingway. In honor of Hemingway nobody is allowed to sit in the hallowed corner which was, and still is, reserved for the writer. A drink, Hemingway invented there, is called Papa Doble, a …

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El Morro Castle. Havana, Cuba

Got great news about Cuba today! The Pearl of the Caribbean will shine again soon. For the first time in a half-century, Cubans will be allowed to buy and sell real estate, bequeath property to relatives without restriction and avoid forfeiting their homes if they abandon the country. The law, which takes effect November 10, 2011, limits Cubans to owning …

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