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Untitled Captures From Rome, Italy

I went through an archive of photos from my trip to Rome, Italy and Vatican City. Here are a few of the street snaps. The photo of a girl in an open window strikes me every time I look at it… Soon, I will be publishing a series of photo posts from Rome which will be focused on particular subjects …

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Rome Italy and Vatican City

Rome, Italy is photographer’s paradise. The city owns millions of artsy objects- beautiful buildings, bridges, fountains, statues… While looking at my “Angels and Demons” Italian and Vatican trip photos, I found a captured memory of a little girl sitting by an open window across the street from the Pantheon. The capture has inspired me to post this photo essay. Click …

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Romulus, Remus and Lupa (a she-wolf)

According to a legend, Rome, Italy was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus, who were raised by Lupa (a she-wolf). It’s hard to imagine what would happen to our Civilization if Lupa didn’t rescue the twins from the Tiber River. It would be no Roman Art, Sculpture, Latin literature, Music… Simply no Colosseum, no Piazza Navona, no Trevi …

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