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Street Portraits from Rio

I continue publishing my street portrait photography from Rio de Janeiro. If you haven’t seen the previous post Portraits Of Strangers: Brasileiros And Cariocas, please take a look. It contains street portraits of the local residents of Rio de Janeiro (Cariocas). Today, however, I publish a mix of portraits of Brazilians and Tourists captured on the streets of Rio. Click …

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Portraits of Strangers: Brasileiros and Cariocas

In addition to a post containing photos of Selecao Fans (Brazilian football fans), today I publish a new set of street portrait photography taken on Capacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The local residents of Rio de Janeiro are referred to as Cariocas. Last month, during my ‘Dreaming of Rio’ trip, I met so many happy people, made so many …

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Copacabana Beach Photo Chronicles

This is my second post of street (beach) photography from the people-watching theater called Copacabana. A sparkling confluence of land and sea, the 4 kilometers long beach of Copacabana always has a flurry of activity stretching its length: excited kids playing in soapy waves, cariocas and tourists lining up for Brahma and caipirinhas at beach cafes, favela boys showing off …

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