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Monks on the streets of Bangkok, Thailand

This week I had to go through some of my travel photo archives and realized how many Captured Memories I still haven’t shared with you here in my Travel Photo Journal. One of the most missed photo archives is ‘Thailand’. I published only 11 photos from my trip to Thailand when transferred an old travel photo blog two years ago. …

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Thai Buddhist Art Gold Paintings in The Grand Palace. Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Buddhist Art is one of the most wide ranging cultural forms of artistic expression, and the world’s richest source of Buddhist Fine Arts. One of the masterpieces of Thai Buddhist Art is the Mural wall painting in The Grand Palace located in Wat Phra Kaew or Temple of the Emerald Buddha. The Mural has 178 scenes, which illustrate the …

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Stephansdom plaz

On My Shelves is a photo project via Instagram smartphone app. This is the second season of the series. Please click here to read the introduction post with project details or click here to check out the entire series. To be continued… Please excuse the quality, all photos have been taken via Instagram app on Samsung T679 Exhibit II Android …

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