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Top 10 Things-To-Do in Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve decided to add my two cents to the hundreds of Atlanta To-Do lists that can be found on the Internet. If you are a photographer who plans to travel to Atlanta, here are my Top 10 Things-To-Do in Atlanta, Georgia from local photographer’s point of view. Note, the first six attractions are located in walking distance from each other. …

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The Miracles Of Polaroid

Last week I introduced my new project The Miracles Of Polaroid. Now it’s time to share the first Miracles ;) Warning: Challenges Ahead The project has begun with cleaning the dust out of 25-year-old instant photo camera Polaroid Pronto! Sonar OneStep (1978) and exciting shopping for Polaroid flash bars and film. On eBay vintage SX-70 flash bars go for 30-50 …

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