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Pretty Face of Minsk, Belarus

Happy Old New Year, Belarus! Today’s post is dedicated to Belarusian “Snow-maidens” [smile] All these street portraits and candid shots of cute girls and beautiful women have been taken during my EuroTrip 2013 to Minsk, Belarus. The ladies are passersby, I have met on the streets of Minsk. Believe it or not, during the entire trip no one answered “No” …

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Beautiful Sights of Minsk Botanical Garden

Today, I’d like to share my photo story from the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, which in the year of 2012 celebrated its 80th anniversary. Located in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, the garden is home to about 9,000 varieties of plants planted over an area of 96 hectares (240 acres), which makes it …

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Photo Essay from Minsk: Bronze Belarusians

I must admit, I haven’t seen so many bronze statues per a square meter in any other city of the World. Here is a set of photographs of bronze statues taken in Minsk, Belarus during EuroTrip 2013. Also I’ve added a few unpublished shots from EuroTrip 2005. This set starts with three photos of the monument located on Yakub Kolas …

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