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Park Guell, Antoni Gaudi. Barcelona, Spain

The desire to see in person the Masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish Catalan architect, was one of the reasons to visit Barcelona, Spain this year. I admire Gaudi’s work since my childhood and call him the Architect of the Wonderland. During the EuroTrip 2014 I visited the Park Güell, Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló (my all time favorite building), Casa …

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Barcelona Street Photography

Barcelona, Spain is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in Europe. It is famous for having about 130 hectares (equals to 260 football fields) dedicated to “pedestrian-only” streets/zones. Before the 1992 Olympic Games, there were no beaches in the city and the seaside was owned by the local industries. But, when Barcelona decided to host the Games, the city was …

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Antoni Gaudí - The Architect of the Wonderland (Park Güell)

The 200th post of Nona Hora project. It felt so good to be back home to Mother Europe, especially, to be in a “happy place”, surrounded by the bright sun, breezy sea air, and warm salty water… [joyful smile] My this year’s EuroTrip has taken me to two capitals of Spanish provinces- Balearic Islands and Catalonia. The Balearic Islands are …

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