Born the son of a photographer, I have my father to thank for instilling in me a deep-rooted feeling of love toward life, beauty and photography. He also taught me how to share these emotions with other people. My father gave me my first camera when I was just 8 years old and showed me the basic techniques. I spent countless hours perusing the pages of illustrated books and photo magazines in his library, which inspired me to experiment with the camera. My initial knowledge of photography came from these early trials. Since those early days, I have always been more concerned with the creative side of photography than the technical side. My sense of the composition developed from the study of photographs that I collected. Early in my career as a photographer, I was influenced by such renown masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt. As a young aspiring photographer, I wanted to be as good as Erwitt. I loved the sense of humor in his pictures and felt an affinity toward his work. As I matured, I began to enjoy the fashion photography of William Klein, Frank Horvat and Helmut Newton. The influence of these photographers molded my style of photography.
I have always believed that a good photographer is like a writer. Each photograph is like a story, only written with light instead of ink. With my photographs, I aspire to make people think, imagine and reflect. Photography is my life – it is beauty, sensuality and love. I love to look at the world around us through the lens of my camera, to capture forever the most joyous sacred moments of life, and most of all, I love to look at smiling and happy faces.

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Alex Kay, Memographer (a.k.a. Captain Memo)
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