Last summer I worked on a volunteering assignment for non-profit organization Sambhali Trust in Jodhpur, India. Click here to read my post about Sambhali Trust. Today I am glad to inform you that my Sambhali Trust book has been published! Please use a Book Show below to flip through the pages of a digital version of the book. For better experience I would recommend to click on a View Fullscreen button.

I highly encourage you to share this post with your network of friends, coworkers, church members… and help us spread the word about Sambhali Trust mission.

If you decide to purchase a print version, please note that Sambhali Trust book is sold commission free. The price you pay is a base price of a publisher. Sambhali Trust and Memographer do not make any profit from the sales of Sambhali Trust book.

Book Details:
– Softcover or Hardcover (with a dust jacket or imagewrap)
– Dimensions 10×8 inches (25×20 cm)
– Four-color printing (Premium Lustre Finish paper for ‘Hardcover Imagewrap’ option) 
– 60 pages

Sambhali Trust  Book by Memographer

Sambali Trust Photobook by