Atlanta Black-and-Red Wedding Photography

Let’s carry on the series of Good Times Memory Flashback photo posts featuring my work at DOM FOTO, Atlanta-based “House of Photography”. In today’s post, you’ll view the photos taken for the project titled Black-n-Red Wedding Photography. The images had been used in the design of both business websites- DomFoto.com and PhotoOfTwo.com, and collected for an illustrated book which has …

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Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Today, I met someone… an artist… a model… an entrepreneur… a beautiful person. We talked about our cultures, interests, and passions. It is fascinating how a routine business matter may bring joy to your life at the moments you would never expect that. While telling the Story of my photography business in Atlanta (which is “in history” for more than …

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Paris Escape of Atlanta Wedding Photographer

This post is dedicated to Chloe and Bjoern, my dear friends and a newly married couple, who are fully responsible for my recent escape to Paris, France [smile] Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage, Guys! and thank you very much for the invite! I love to be a traveler in Paris… but it is much more …

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